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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Stannington Scribblers - Class Work

Gold Star and Badges too!

This week (24/03/2009) Sonia finally recieved her first gold star for her exceptional rendering of a tabby cat (welll done Sonia!) and as well as a gold star, Sonia was one of the first students to recieve a new shiny colourful badge for her classwork.

Karen also recieved two badges for both her homework (a wonderful sketch of a sad dog) and class work of a pony (keep up the good work Karen)

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Gold Star Students

Here are a selection of students who were given "gold stars" for their efforts:

The first two were presented to Stave Tait for his human skull observational drawing (pictured) and his close up of a cats face.

A gold star was presented to Frankie Wilson for her homework with a celebrity sketch of Madonna.

Danny was also awarded a gold star for his homework and his great rendering of Kate Winslet.

Lets not forget Ann Tait who received a well deserved gold star for her close up of a cats face.
Well done all and everyone for your well deserved gold stars. Everyone who has received a gold star is automatically entered into the "Gold Star Table" shown at the bottom of this page.

The scribblers at work

Here are a few snapshots of some of the students in my class, busily sketching and scribbling away. In the distance can be seen Steve Tait (who likes to get heavily engrossed in his sketching), in the foreground from left to right are some of the other founder members in the class, and they are, from left to right, Ann Tait, Sonia Ramage, her sister Frankie Wilson and Karen Carins.

At the moment we are stuck indoors under halogen lighting, but as summer approaches, and the nights get longer we hope to go out on sketching excusions into the local countryside. The standard of sketching being done is steadily improving each week, even those who have never sketched since their school days are finding that with practice and patience they are improving too.